Purple Glamour's First Giveaway!

9/01/2009 09:22:00 AM Posted by Christina

UPDATE: Click here to see who won!

Hey, it's your lucky day! We are having our first giveaway today. PONO, an earthy, NY accessories line, has partnered with me to giveaway this fabulous cuff in purple!

Every piece is inspired by classic elements, vintage design, and nature. The brand is best described as modern with timeless appeal. Each piece is constructed with Italian resins, natural woods, shell, and natural horn. It retails for about $165, and can be yours for free!

Continue reading to find out how to win...

So here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower or subscriber of Purple Glamour (if you aren't already, you can become one now)
2. You must become a fan of PONO's Facebook fan page.
3. You must leave a comment under this post telling me all about your impeccable style, and how you would wear this fabulous cuff.

Who ever has the most creatively chic answer, wins!

That's it! The contest will close by midnight tomorrow (Wednesday, September 2) and I will announce the winner on Thursday!

Good luck : )

10 glam rants:

  1. Scientific Housewife said...

    My style is a mix between Charlotte York and Anne Hathaway. Sometimes I love to channel the Park Avenue Pollyanna in me and wear clean lines and polished outfits. Other times, I like to take more of a risk and wear brighter colors with new trends and form fitting dresses. I would be able to wear that fabulous cuff with either mix of style. It would be a great punch of color with a white summer dress or with a black and grey outfit for a date.

  2. Damsels said...

    hey there . i follow as nadia duran and im a FB fan

    i think my style is pretty edgy quirky .. ilike alot of color . right now im experimenting .

    i would stack the cuff with other bracelets to add interesting texture

  3. tinagirl said...

    I like to combine timeless pieces with more contemporary ones. I would pair this bracelet with a Sleeveless Pleat Neck Fitted Sheath by Donna Ricco and a cardigan (ala Michelle Obama).
    FB Fan

  4. LilyBiscuit said...

    Hi! I subscribed by email and am a fb fan of PONO.

    My style is classic with long lean lines. I love black/white/gray with as pop of color such as purple. My style icons are DVF, Karl L., and Valentino. Even though I probably will never be able to buy from them, I'm always inspired by them :) Thanks!

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  5. Wendy said...

    After a long pt stop in the land of stay at home mommy chic, I am completely ready for a new look, a new style, a new me! I do love the look of this fabulous cuff - I think I'd wear it with some of the quirky stuff I've been finding- or a perfectly docile black dress.

    I've followed, and facebooked


  6. Anonymous said...

    while i'm a fan of high fashion, my own style is more along the lines of casual chic: lots of well-cut pants, fitted tees, scarves & custom jewelry. lots of things determine what i wear: what's affordable; what can comfortably take me from the office to my son's soccer game -- as well as what is in style. over the years, i've learned what looks good on my frame -- and what trends i absolutely can't carry off (think: nicole richie's bohemian momma look). so, i focus on buying a few, high quality & timeless pieces each year -- and then "playing" with tops, accessories, and shoes to keep my style current. but, just as importantly, i am consumer who promotes companies that merge fashion & community engagement... and PONO is one of my favorites! i try to support designers that give back to the larger community and who are environmentally & socially conscious. PONO fits that bill completely! so, this fabulous bracelet would be something i'd wear *proudly* everyday -- as it represents everything that i believe fashion should be: a reflection of the person wearing it and a testament to what the designer the intended.
    thanks for such a wonderful giveaway & for partnering with one my favorite companies!

  7. Aik said...

    I'm a follower and Facebook fan. I'm definitely a Boho chic! Skinny jeans, floaty tops, oversized leather slouchy bags and sunglasses are my favourites! What I love about my Boho appearance is that nothing has to "match". As long as the pieces layer well, they will give a classy look and earthy feeling which is both comfortable and fashionable!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  8. hofken said...

    I'm wearing a purple dress and purple shoes today. Coincidence? I think not. I'm an attorney and love to dress up for work - especially dresses and lots of accessories. This cuff would be fabulous! I'm a Facebook fan of both Purple Glamour and PONO.

  9. MJ Moore said...

    I'm still learning and experimenting with my personal style. During the last 12 months I had my first baby and turned thirty. So while I feel that I can't get away with some of the younger looks, I also feel more comfortable taking a few risks.

    I really love vintage romantic looks, Mad Men style! But I don't like to look costume-y, so I try to mix it up with some sleek contemporary pieces. This bracelet would transition to Fall very nicely, especially in purple, so I'd wear it with my new sweater dress, ankle boots and tights.

    butterflyrouge(at)yahoo(dot com

    subscriber/ Facebook fan

  10. Egater said...

    I am a follower.
    I think that it looks good with skirt and blouse when I stand in the classroom :)

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