My Tribute to Sex and the City

6/02/2008 08:06:00 AM Posted by Christina

Every true fashionista must see Sex and the City. It is a classic! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire film and not because of the suspense. The fashion was to die for! I was hypnotized by the gorgeous dresses, the fabulous shoes and the glamorous accessories. SATC is a must see! Despite some of the graphic scenes, the plot was very realistic for most women of all ages.

After seeing the movie, my best friend and I found which character we most identified with. I couldn't help but fall in love with Carrie Bradshaw's style. I identified most with her because her style was very unique and she wasn't afraid to take risks! I was particularly smitten with her studded black belt and those gladiators! She used them in a couple of outfits which was great because a true fashionista in my opinion knows how to use the same accessories with different outfits and still create a completely different look! And we can't forget the infamous, yet still breathtaking almost-wedding dress.
Through research, I also found that Carrie Bradshaw the character was a complete reflection of the actual woman behind the character, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her style! It is just as unique as her character, which I am sure mad it simple for her to play the part. I wanted to pay tribute to SJP/Carrie because she is a true versatile fashionista! Here are some of my favorite looks from the film and from SJP's personal style. See if you can tell the difference, I sure couldn't!

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  1. ceylincohomes said...

    I like manly men. If a man told me he knew the ins and outs of Sex and the City I would punch him in the face before running in the opposite direction from his candy ass.
    i stl Watch Movie here

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