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6/07/2008 12:22:00 PM Posted by Christina

It's street style time! I was doing my daily browse of and got my update of street summer style. Part of being versatile is thinking outside the box. Here are some of my fave pieces. Each outfit is fab and simply chic!

This look is a no-brainer. The add a funky colored scarf to a simple tee and some cowboy boots, or funky colored shirt with a sold color scarf. And don't stress about matching, if you choose the right color combination, everything will fall into place!

Get the look: (Check for styles)

This look is for the cooler days of summer. A cardigan, tights and denim jacket can be a little much in warmer temperatures, but layering is still chic and very in for the season. If you are not comfortable with black, layer with lighter colors and materials.
Get the look: (Check nordstrom. com and for styles)
This is my favorite look! This street chic model shows off her funky style by pairing a feminine dress with a rockin' leather bomber. For the warmer temperatures, pair your sundress with a short sleeve leather bomber. I am not particularly a fan of white pumps, but this model's pair are very fab! If you aren't as comfortable as I am with all white pumps, add some white pumps with a lot of black on them. Get the look: (Check and for styles)
This model is keeping up with the safari chic trend and she nails it! The bumble hem dress is a very unique and feminine. Complete the look with some platform slingback peeptoes and you're good to go!
Get the look: (Check,, and for styles)

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