Why Don't You Love Me by Beyonce

5/05/2010 09:51:00 AM Posted by Christina

Here is Beyonce's new video, Why Don't You Love Me. It has a sexy vintage theme, of a helpless, hopeless housewife. I don't know how I feel about the video. It's oozing with desperation as she begs her man to love her. She claims to have everything he wants and needs, and doesn't understand why he doesn't love her. She gives him her everything, yet it still isn't good enough.

Lately, there has been so much talk about how women aren't good enough to love--that they have to do this thing or that thing to be loveable, and make a man want to marry her. I think it simply isn't true, and the percentage of women who give their everything to make a marriage or relationship work, should understand, you have to be yourself--do not waver. Show a man that you love him and want him in your life, but do not need him. A man cannot make you happy. You must first be happy with yourself, before anyone else can love you.

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