The Olsens Launch The Row Eyewear

10/15/2009 09:13:00 AM Posted by Christina

Say what you want about the Olsens, but they know fashion. They are launching their eyewear collection for The Row in the spring...

Widely known for their trendsetting eyewear, the Olsens have also paired up with Linda Farrow for the collection, with a price range of $325 to $390.

The collection will feature four styles: "a classic metal aviator, an oversize square frame, vintage-inspired brow-line rims and a pair of round shades taken from the Sixties."

“We’re testing the market first and obviously these are four very different silhouettes, so we’re seeing what people are responding to and we’ll open up a couple more silhouettes for fall,” Ashley Olsen said. “We tried to find certain pieces that look good on more than one face, to pay close attention to how they fit certain faces and make them wearable at the same time.”

I have no doubt they line will do well. Preview the other prototypes when you read the rest.

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