Style-Ist Verdict: June Ambrose vs. Rachel Zoe

8/26/2009 11:43:00 AM Posted by Christina

There has been a slight tiff between fashion stylist extraordinares, June Ambrose and Rachel Zoe, for quite some time. June resides in New York, while Rachel hails in California. Both are accomplished authors, both have made tv appearances (Rachel has her own show, while June has done countless tv segments), both have a myriad of celebrity clients, and both have effortless, impeccable style.

June Ambrose is most widely known in the urban market. She is Jay-Z's number one pick. Rachel is assumed to be more "mainstream."

So, examine each stylist's personal style, and tell me...

...what's your style verdict?

Continue reading to see who my favorite stylist is.

June Ambrose!

She epitomizes what I believe is true effortless style. She has an innate sense of versatility and makes true statements in her own personal style. I admire her ability to adopt almost any trend and make it her own with even the slightest touch.

P.S. Follow her fab style twits at

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  1. miss halimah. said...

    i was unaware of the tiff - but that just means that both ladies are hot in their own right.
    i'd have to go with june ambrose too. she has a nice style and puts it together quite nicely.
    don't get me wrong, rachel holds it down too. but rachel would probably do her clothes more justice if she'd eat a cheeseburger. or two.

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