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7/29/2009 09:25:00 AM Posted by Christina

So we have one more fabulous style interview! Her name is Rebecca Alexis and she is fabulous!

Becca is a professional stylist who has been in the industry for 7 years and has done it all from designing and sewing to styling. She was also the Market Editor for Uptown Magazine.

She is a fellow Florida native, attending the University of Florida and creating costumes for dance troupes. She then took her love for fashion and style to California where she attended a fashion school, FIDM in L.A.. While in school, she served as a wardrobe assistant for t.v. shows and films, including CSI Miami, Six Feet Under and Desperate Housewives.

She was June Ambrose's protege along with other highly sought after stylists, before she ventured out on her own. She and her partner, Hachy Mendez own Pulchitrude & Concepts, with an impressive client roster, including Trey Songz, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige and much much more.

So, without further ado, here's a chic expert's perspective on what's in for the summer and what every girl needs in her wardrobe to develop her own style...

PG: What are the most needed style staples for any girl's wardrobe?

Becca: Every girl needs the following staple pieces: a little black dress either in silk or stretch wool for longevity, a tailored white blouse either Club Monaco or Pink, a cashmere sweater, a comfortable and sexy pair of shoes like the YSL tribune pumps and good undergarments as they shape your body to fit clothes better.

PG: What is the most important thing to remember when developing one's own personal style?

Becca: Fit is the most important aspect of style developing. No mater how amazing a piece is, if it doesn't fit it doesn't look good!

PG: How do you make your style unique without copying someone else's style?

Becca: Using other iconic figures as a reference point to create your own style is a very good idea. Making it your own is including the factors of your lifestyle and heritage into the look. Like bringing in a vintage cuff that belonged to your grandmother!

PG: Who/what inspires you and your style?

Becca: My style inspirations all come from a desire to feel glamourous. I am more motivated to impress the man in my life than a fashion editor.

PG: How do you determine what's hot and what's not?

Becca: Trends come and go. What's hot for me works for me. Same with my clients, I incorporate trends but try to avoid anything that may compromise their artistic integrity.

PG: What is in season right now?

Becca: For Spring 2009 the boyfriend blazer is very now and a great way to change your look with minimal effort. A vintage python clutch, platform shoes and stacks of bracelets!

PG: What is the best summer staple this year?

Becca: A luxe print t-shirt with glamourous and whimsical designs from House of Holland, Hanni Y and Lanvin.

PG: What are you most looking forward to in fall fashion?

Becca: The resurgence of the 90's. I am looking forward to the Vidal sassoon ad inspired color blocking dresses!

PG: Which style is better---all trendy or all classic?

Becca: I would say neither. Style is balance and that balance draws weight from trends, classics and other inspirations.

PG: Words of inspiration?

Becca:Fashion should be an extension of what you feel inside, not a cover up!

Thank you so much Becca!

Check out her fabulous blog Purveyor of Style and more about her company, at Be inspired!

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