Resort/Summer Style: Trenches and Shorts

7/08/2009 04:11:00 PM Posted by Christina

I remember, back in my college days, with all of the countless events, house parties and campus wanderings, school style consisted of a favorite piece--most times,worn with pretty much anything and everything.

For most, it was a monogrammed sweatshirt--for me, it was my cropped, red trench (at left.) I wore it with everything from shorts to linen pants. From day to night. It just worked. And I refused to let it go.

Well unfortunately, one day I did. And as I type and kick myself, I remembered my little red trench, like an A in my hardest class, cherished and never forgotten.

The 2010 resort collections forced that memory, causing me to vow never to throw away my favorite piece, because I will one day be able to use it again.

So Alexander Wang and Philip Lim have reinvented the trench look for spring/summer of next year, in an effortlessly chic way, of course....

Alexander Wang Resort 2010

Philip Lim Resort 2010
...showing us what to expect for next year and how to get So, I did some digging of my own. Embrace the trend with looks like these...
Mix and match your own, or shop the looks above with these fab finds...

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  1. Lauren Domio said...

    Timeless trenches...I agree that you should maintain your favorite pieces with good reason.

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