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Hey! So, I am slightly shifting the focus of Purple Glamour on developing one's personal style and showcasing it through style tips, photos, tips and suggestions. Your feedback is much needed!

I will be conducting interviews with movers and shakers in the fashion industry to share with Purple Glamour readers!

If you know of someone you would like us to know about or if you are that someone, send information to

I am proud to introduce my first style inspiration, Michael Jones. He is the editor-in-chief of JAYE, and so much more! Also, known as MJ, this fashion devotee, writer and stylish guy gushes with Purple Glamour what it's like to be the editor of a fabulous fashion magazine, his style inspirations and goals for the future.

So, without further ado...

PG: What is like being a young fashion editor?

MJ: Even though I'm young, I feel like I have such a huge responsibility to so many groups of people. First, there's my staff: I have to manage a group of young creatives--some of which are older than me, have attained more academic accolades than me, etc.--and motivate them to create an engaging and entertaining magazine each month. I have a responsibility to the readers and followers of JAYE: It's important that they understand that they always come first. And I have a responsibility to my family and friends: It's very important that I cash in on the investments that they have made in me over the years and make them proud. It's a ton of fun to be following my dream at such a young age. I feel so blessed to be impacting so many people--I don't take that lightly.

PG: Who inspired you to start JAYE?

MJ: Young, stylish women who wanted a resource with a point of view they could relate to. Today's woman is interested in so much more than the latest It bag--she wants news, information on careers and money, advice on how to handle all that comes with being in a relationship--and I feel like it's the job of my staff and me to take their needs and desires and offer solutions in an engaging way.

PG: So, the magazine doesn't just focus on college women, but all young women?

MJ: The magazine is edited for a college woman, but we have readers who are in high school, recently graduated from college, are currently in college, or in graduate school. We also have a healthy amount of parents who read the magazine. Last year, I received an e-mail from a mom who said she looks forward to reading the magazine each month because it helps her know what her daughter is interested in and she can focus their conversations on what's found in the pages in the magazine.

PG: When you aren't editing JAYE, what else are you doing?

MJ: Reading and writing. Believe it or not, I'm very introverted. I am a strong believer in self-improvement. I constantly read books, blogs and articles on how to be a better editor, friend, brother, son, student. Each day, I want to be better than I was the day before. Obviously, I love fashion so I shop when I can afford it--and sometimes when I can't!--and I love reading what other young people are doing with their gifts. I don't go out very often, I have a small circle of friends, and I enjoy spending time with my family. They aren't phased by me being a young editor or awards or appearances. They keep me grounded and humble and I love them for that.

PG: JAYE just turned one this month. Where do you see it in 5 years?

MJ: Because JAYE is a monthly, and the demands of being an editor-in-chief of this magazine are so intense, especially since I balance going to school too, I don't really take a lot of time to think about where the magazine will be in five years. A year ago I didn't think I'd be editing a magazine that give me so much joy and gratification and is read by people all over the world. A year ago I didn't think I could assemble a staff of some of the most amazing people our generation has to offer. A year ago I didn't think I'd go to Fashion Week and see some of the most influential designers showcase their work. So my point is, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the future. I am trying to live for the moment and enjoy doing what I love--because all of this could be gone tomorrow.

PG: How would you describe your personal style?

MJ: Since I've been in school, I've gone through so many styles: I started off as this urban guy with baggy clothes and sneakers during my freshman year. Then I transitioned into this flamboyant attention-craving guy wearing bright colors and more fitted clothes. Next was my preppy phase. And now my style is very refined: tons of mix-and-match neutrals that get me out of the door quickly. I love statement pieces: Shoes, ties, cuffs, bags--I use accessories to update my look each season and make the neutrals I wear less blah.

I think it's important to take a realistic look at a few things. Body image: what types of pieces fit your body and make you look your best? I buy the same shapes in everything I buy now because I know what fits me and what makes me feel good about myself. Budget: What can you afford? What are non-negotiables, or the things you won't skimp on? If you're a bag-lover, make sure to always budget for the season's hottest bag. Lifestyle: What do you do on a daily basis? Do you have a lot of meetings after class? Do you go out a lot after work? Don't build your style based on trends--assemble a look grounded in classic shapes and pieces accented by seasonal updates that jazz up your style.

PG: Which words inspire you?

MJ: Good is the enemy of great. And this is part of a quote by Mother Theresa: "Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you've got anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway."

More interviews to come!

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