Rihanna's Weekend Style

5/06/2009 11:51:00 AM Posted by Christina

So, I ran across some candids of Rihanna over the past few days, and while I am usually inspired by her innate sense of style, I can't help but wonder where she is getting her style inspiration from these days...

She made a surprise appearance at The Costume Institue Gala in this D&G tuxedo from the Fall 2009 collection. Although I am a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana's menswear-inspired pieces, this is a bit much, even for Rihanna. I would have liked to see her in something a little sleeker, yet eye-catching, to match her new hairstyle.

She was also spotted out shopping in a bat wing jacket, gloves, cut-offs, Rodarte tights, Acne booties and a unique earring-to-necklace accessory. I am all for standing out, but this look seems forced and overthought--especially for a shopping day.

She was then spotted going to a club in this Marc Jacobs blazer, black ripped jeans and combat boots. I don't know what she was going for in this look. The blazer would have looked better with something a bit more sophisticated. The ripped denim and combat boots would have been a better fit for a more casual blazer.

What do you think of her latest style choices?

3 glam rants:

  1. Lauren Domio said...

    ur adornment speaks on ur current state of emotion....i agree...i've seen better...i hope she refocuses her partying on speaking out against her situation...

  2. miss halimah. said...

    would have to agree. i am not a fan of the first two outfits. i also realize that although they are just "off looks" for rih rih, they would have been "disastrous looks" on almost anyone else.

    the final outfit will do. love the yellow.

  3. Christina said...

    So true, Lauren! Your mood definitely influences the way you dress. I think she will eventually speak out against her situation, but she is still very young and immature.

    I agree Miss Halimah! While she can pull off almost anything, sometimes I think she tries too hard.

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