Anna and the September Issue

1/21/2009 07:49:00 AM Posted by Christina

So, everyone is buzzing about the most anticipated film at the Sundance Film Festival, The September Issue following the life of Vogue during the development of its 2007 issue, and its ambassador, Miss Anna Wintour. Who wouldn't want an inside look at the most sought-after fashion magazine (possibly the most sought-after magazine, period?)

The documentary, birthed by R.J. Cutler (who produced award-winning docs, The War Room and A Perfect Candidate, was oversold, packed to capacity and was only available for a total of 6 screenings. Word is, the film will air on A&E, (woo hoo!) but the date of the premier has not yet been set.

“This is very much R.J.’s film. I want to make it very clear that he had complete freedom to put together the movie that he wanted and it’s not in any way Vogue behind him telling him what he can and cannot do,” said Anna. Of course we know whose film it really is.

According to WWD, Anna showed up the premier, dressed in "a leather Michael Kors jacket with a fox collar, an Oscar de la Renta turtleneck, J Brand jeans and Manolo Blahnik boots, said she was 'channeling mountain casual. It is actually my first time wearing jeans to work.'"

Am I the only one who can't sit still?!

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