Lindsay's a Trendsetter, Now

12/10/2008 12:19:00 AM Posted by Christina

So, it seems Miss Lohan brought leggings back to life. I thought they were over, but it seems they are the staple, I have noticed in NY. Knee-high boots, an oversized button-up, cardi and leggings are my favorite combo.

Lindsay Lohan, more often than not, has been spotted sporting leggings in every setting, from day to night. She loves them so much that she started her own line of leggings, named 6126. And sadly, everyone is catching on to her trendsetting ways.

"From leopard prints to zippered black tights, Lindsay's got a lil' something for everyone with 35 styles in various colors and patterns," reports NY Daily News. And everyone is is taking a lil' something from coast to coast.

And there's only a small price to pay to be like Lindsay: the average pair costs $75, since the fabrics are authentic.
I think I'll stick with American Apparel for more than half the price, although, I would probably buy a pair if I had money to blow on a pair of leggings made of 100% cashmere or with 100% leather patches...

Anyway, check them out at Intuition, Henry Bendel, Nordstrom, Intermix and Lisa Kline.


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