Purple Glamour in NYC!

10/12/2008 10:25:00 AM Posted by Christina

Well, Purple Glamour has relocated to the big city, New York City to be exact! I have moved to pursue a career in fashion as a fashion journalist. I have just accepted an awesome internship where I will be working with all of the big name magazines and designers. I'm so excited!  Since I have relocated, I will be capturing the best of New York fashion through my own camera lens. Pretty cool huh? Wish me luck!

6 glam rants:

  1. Brooklyn Urban Girl said...

    Welcome to NYC!!!

  2. LEO said...

    Welcome to NYC.
    Your gonna love it.
    My blog is pretty new,
    so theres not much on it.
    But feel free to check back.
    Im from NY too! =0)

  3. FashionDevotee/FierceBlackness said...

    Congrats dear...I am soo proud of you..See you soon!

  4. Covet said...


    I know you'll love it.

  5. Christina said...

    Thanks gals! : )

  6. Jala said...

    Roooommiiiee!!! lol welcome welcome

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