Tampa Fashion Week Update

9/30/2008 10:23:00 AM Posted by Christina

So Tampa Fashion Week has come and gone, and I had a blast! The designs were better than expected and full of unique pieces. Some of the labels included House of Ska by Ivanka Ska, Essence Flowers, Francisco Azucar, Rhonda Shear, Bebe Ziegler, Sam Varela, Darrius Mitchell, Trineice Cagua, Robert Buck, Shante Styles, Aruk Ochrrvani, and Xotica Clothing by Pat McGhee. The student of The International Academy of Design and Technology showcased some of their designs as well. (For full bios and websites for each designer click here.)

Here are some of my favorite designs...

Essence Flowers

House of Ska

Sam Varela

Shante Styles

Xotica Clothing

Fabulous for their very first event! All proceeds went to benefit nonprofit organizations. To view all of the photos from the show click here.

My friend and I at Tampa Bay Fashion Week!

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  1. FashionDevotee/FierceBlackness said...

    I hope that Tampa Fashion week thrives and continues to grow to become bigger and better. My favorite was Essence Flowers!

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